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What Triton CORE Does

Scripps Pier sunsetThe Triton CORE team will be deployed in response to calls for mental health wellness checks and behavioral crises for members of the UC San Diego campus community that are non-violent in nature.   

  • Mental Health Wellness Checks are delivered in-person, telehealth, or phone visit by the Triton CORE team in response to a specific mental health request made to ensure a person is safe and well.
  • Behavioral Health Mobile Crisis Response supports people experiencing distressing symptoms related to suicidal or homicidal ideation, self-harm, grave disability, substance use, panic attacks, manic episodes, psychosis, disorientation, unusual behaviors and any other events that require an in-person crisis behavioral health response.
  • Additional Services provided are 5150 Evaluations provided by LPS designated staff, Post-vention Support, and connection to CAPS/campus/community referrals. 

On location, Triton CORE, a team of two mental health professionals, will approach the individual in distress in a way that is non-threatening. Triton CORE will seek to build rapport quickly and gain consent to speak with the individual in crisis. The Triton CORE Team strives to provide a safe therapeutic environment grounded in trauma-informed care, racial/disability justice, and a multicultural responsive approach. Triton CORE will validate the individual in their experience, de-escalate intense emotions, provide clinical assessment, safety plan and provide resources and connection to the appropriate level of care in a continuum of services.

In instances where individuals need to be placed on a 5150 hold and can safely be transported to a hospital by the Triton CORE team, the individual will ride in the Triton CORE LPS equipped vehicle without the use of any type of restraints. At the hospital, the team will partner with the individual to ensure a smooth intake process and stay with them until they are admitted. 

Eligible students will be referred to CAPS for follow up care and wrap around services after the initial crisis is stabilized.